A triple Post

Well, this has been way too long, but a lot has happened. I will tell and show you all in a chronological order. Psst, I really recommend you to read further, because I have the greatest announcement to make…


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Some baby sewing/knitting

One week ago I’ve moved to Leuven and everything is getting finally a place. In one of the next posts I’ll give you a little tour around my new appartment. It’s really cosy and I have my sewing place in the living room so I can watch tv while sewing. I like it more this way, because then I can still spend time with my boyfriend during sewing. Two of my favorite passtimes. Luckily I still found some time during these busy times to make some baby clothes.

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Lulu Pants with Parrots (LMV)

Hi guys,

And again it has been way too long since my last post. What is wrong with me?! I’m really dissapointed in myself. Especially because I already finished these pants about three weeks ago. I can say it has been really busy around here, but I already said that the last two times, so this excuse will get a little boring. Well actually it still is really busy, because I’m working on about three or four pieces at the same time. I will tell you some more about it in this post. But first I’ll start with the most important part… The Lulu Pants!


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A double Post

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I didn’t have a post last week. It has been really busy around here and I think it will stay that way the next few months. I will be moving out in august, my dad’s moving out, my mom’s looking for a new appartment,… So there’s a lot to do and I still think blogging has to be fun. It’s my hobby, not my job and so I only want to do it when I have the time. Now this week I have another very exciting announcement to make…

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