Ooh lala, C’est chique


One month ago I was invited to a wedding from friends. Of course I had to make a weddingproof outfit for it. Luckily the burda edition of march 2018 had a great chapter about wedding outfits.

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Mary Quant Dress (Little Black Dress)


Hi everyone,

The year I started sewing, my sister gave me a great book for my birthday. It’s called “Droomjurken” (Dream dresses) from Sara Alm and Hannah McDevitt. And as the description says, this book is a musthave for everyone who loves vintage style. The dress I made is not from this book, but from the sequel of it, “Droomjurken, Little Black Dress” (Dream dresses, Little Black Dress) from Dolin Blis O’Shea.

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On a Citytrip to Hamburg


Last weekend my boyfriend and I went on our yearly birthday citytrip and this year the lucky city to welcome us was Hamburg. Both our birthays are in december, but because I can’t take vacation then (way too busy month at the shop) we postpone it to february. One of the things we really wanted to do, was eating a hamburger in Hamburg. But you know what… Once we were there we totally forgot. Time flies when you’re having fun and love makes you forget everything <3. So someday we have to go back there to have our hamburger. Well I didn’t want to bore you with my hamburger story, so I’ll tell you all about the trip and the clothes I wore,… Continue reading “On a Citytrip to Hamburg”

Unicorn Iris Dress (Coup Coup – Catharine Deweerdt)


Hi everyone,

Actually I wanted to show you something else today, but a few obstacles got in the way. I made the Claudette Cardigan from VĂ©ronique Leysen, which was in “La Maison Victor” edition 1 from 2016 (yeah I know, it’s already getting old, but it’s such a beautiful cardigan). Also I’m trying to learn myself to photoshop with “GIMP”, but it doesn’t really turn out the way I want it. It takes some more time. If you guys know a good book or description for “GIMP”, please tell me where I can find it. So as I said, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I’ll first show you something else I made and the post about the Claudette cardigan will follow later.

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