A double Post

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I didn’t have a post last week. It has been really busy around here and I think it will stay that way the next few months. I will be moving out in august, my dad’s moving out, my mom’s looking for a new appartment,… So there’s a lot to do and I still think blogging has to be fun. It’s my hobby, not my job and so I only want to do it when I have the time. Now this week I have another very exciting announcement to make…

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My Magical Bloom Sweater (LMV)


Hi, I’m back again. Sorry there wasn’t a post last week, but I went on an appartment quest and guess what… I’ve found one!! In august I will be moving to Leuven and I will live together with my boyfriend. I can’t wait until then. You want to know what the greatest part is about the appartment. In the living room, there’s one whole mirror wall. It makes the appartment look way bigger and more light. I’m really looking forward to move in there. Now let’s get to the point of this post…

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