Checkers, Chess, Chessmate


Last week I told you I had to find another solution to make for the wedding we were invited to. Actually I wanted to make the “jewel dress” from La Maison Victor (see Flowers and dresses, two of my favourites), but as I couldn’t find a fabric to match it, I had to come with another idea…

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Flowers and dresses, two of my favourites


Maybe you know already, but dresses and flowers are two of my favourites in my closet. I love to wear dresses and I love to make dresses. And I even love it more if the fabric has a flower print. It makes me so happy. So which dress did I make with this fabric?

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A new Fabulous Suit for me

After a few years of sporty trends with sneakers, sweaters and sweater dresses, women are screaming to feel fabulous again. I am one of those women and I am so happy with the fashion trends for this fall/winter. It’s all about luxury fabrics, flowers, suits,… And since all the new pieces are arriving at work, I am counting down until the colder days. Today I’ll tell you about a mix I made out of these three trends…


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Vacation with a little bit of Knitting


Oh my god, I know it has been waaaaaay too long, but a lot has happened in between. My mom’s house is finally sold, so she had to move out and we had to get the house empty in time. And you can’t believe how much stuff you can collect in 29 years. Especially with two daughters… Well that was one thing why it took so long to write again and… I went on vacation!

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Mary Quant Dress (Little Black Dress)


Hi everyone,

The year I started sewing, my sister gave me a great book for my birthday. It’s called “Droomjurken” (Dream dresses) from Sara Alm and Hannah McDevitt. And as the description says, this book is a musthave for everyone who loves vintage style. The dress I made is not from this book, but from the sequel of it, “Droomjurken, Little Black Dress” (Dream dresses, Little Black Dress) from Dolin Blis O’Shea.

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