Happy Easter Dress


First of all, I want to wish you all a happy Easter. I hope you got a lot of yummie easter eggs and had some great family time like I did.

We started yesterday with a nice brunch at my place and my mom really outdid herself. It was very cosy to spend some time with her, my sister, her fiancee and my boyfriend.


In the afternoon we drove to my boyfriend’s place where we went on an Easter egg hunt and continued our eating day.

Now as I told you two weeks ago, I went for some fabrics at the Stoffenspektakel. That’s where I found a perfect fabric to make myself a new dress for Easter. 20170416_145550-01

Luckily I got it finished in time. On the pictures it’s already a little rumpled by sitting in the car. This happens a lot with the clothes I make in cotton. Maybe one of you has a hint to fix this. It’s not always possible to take an iron with you :p.

I finished it off with a lace ribbon at the underside and some mint green buttons I bought at Veritas.


My mom also came with a great idea. Above our living room we have an extra place wich is open and has great light. She asked me if I wanted to use this as a sewing room for the last months I will be staying at home (in a few months I will be moving out). So today my boyfriend helped me to arrange my new sewing crib. One of the next posts I will show you some pictures of it.

I hope you like my new dress.

See you next week!

With Lots of Love from




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