Some baby sewing/knitting

One week ago I’ve moved to Leuven and everything is getting finally a place. In one of the next posts I’ll give you a little tour around my new appartment. It’s really cosy and I have my sewing place in the living room so I can watch tv while sewing. I like it more this way, because then I can still spend time with my boyfriend during sewing. Two of my favorite passtimes. Luckily I still found some time during these busy times to make some baby clothes.

First I made this cute baby birdie dress. The sewing pattern is pattern number 9358 from Burda. The fabric is a fabric piece from Veritas with little birds. At the back I used pushbuttons, which I also bought at Veritas. It’s more easy for baby clothes to change and you can find them in all kind of colors.


Normally it’s finished off with a biais tape, but I didn’t like it that way with this fabric. That’s why I made a small facing at the neckline. In the pattern there’s also a bow at the front and normally I really love bows, but I found it a little too busy with the pattern on the fabric. That’s why I didn’t add it.

Now I also found some time to knit a little baby Bernadette. I really like the combination of the two colors yarn. I was doubting if I would use the beige one or the pink one, when my mom said: why not use a combination of it. And this is the result.

This little girl will have a wellfilled closet before it’s born yet. The dream of every girl/woman.

With CharLots of Love ❤



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