I want to ride my bicycle – dress


Hi guys,

It’s time again to do some posting. And I’m really happy to present this new self-made dress. I call it the bicycle dress, because of the cute bicycle print on the fabric.

A few months ago I bought this fabric at the Stoffenspektakel in Mechelen. Well actually my mom bought it there for me. Thanks mommy <3. IMG-20170905-WA0094-01.jpeg

And then three weeks ago I found this free online sewing pattern http://thesassysparrowblog.com/2016/03/sun-dress-tutoria/. It’s unbelievable how fast you can make this dress.

In the pattern they use a visible zipper, where I used an invisible. They also used two different fabrics, but with the bicycles on the fabric I liked it more to make it all in the same fabric. These are the only adjustments I made. The top is a little bit too oversized so next time I’ll make it a little smaller. But that doesn’t change the fact that I really like to wear this dress.


So for all the beginner sewers: Go choose some retro/cute fabric (or just any fabric you like), go to this link http://thesassysparrowblog.com/2016/03/sun-dress-tutoria/, get your sewing supplies, put on some great music (or a disney movie) and start sewing. (The more advanced sewers too of course).

Have a nice sewing evening.

With Lots of ❤





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