“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever” – Walt Disney

I’m writing this post from out of my cosiest armchair, with the best view to watch the passengers, wearing my comfiest oversized knit sweater, during my day off. Well, this morning I was reading in Glamour about “hygge”. The last two years you can read in every magazine,… about hygge. Well, I thought maybe I should try it too, and that’s where I pulled on my favourite sweater, sat me into my cosy chair and started writing this post. I was thinking about putting on some candles, but it’s 12:45 in the afternoon and believe it or not, the sun is shining a little, so maybe I should wait with that until this evening. Now let’s get to the point of this post… The kids clothing I wanted to show you last time.20171107_123601-01[1]

A few weeks ago, we received a new collection fabric pieces in the shop. Not just any collection, no no no… A Disney collection! My day couldn’t get any better that day. So of course I couldn’t wait to make some new stuff with it. I wanted to make so many things with it, but of course I had to choose.

First I’ll show you the little salopette skirt I made. Yes yes yes, the salopette skirt has really returned. You can’t deny it anymore. La maison victor has the oona skirt, in the burda style of octobre you could find a pattern of a salopette skirt for babies (wich I’ll show you next time),… And I have to admit, I’m really happy about it, because I adore those cute skirts. This time I used pattern 9372 from Burda. The pattern is very easy and finishes off quickly. Perfect pattern for beginner sewers.

What do we need: – 1 fabric piece (this one is made of canvas cotton, which I like for this kind of skirts, it’s more stiff. 80 x 100 cm) – matching sewing thread – elastic waist band of 2,5 cm – 2 cute buttons – Burda pattern 9372


The second pattern is called Olivia and is one of the “coup coup” patterns from Catharine Deweerdt. Her patterns are unbelievably cute. I already have her book “zelfgemaakte kleertjes 2” (selfmade clothes 2) and the coup coup patterns are already on my wishlist for Christmas and my birthday (yes yes only one month and 5 days to go). I chose the Olivia dress, because I fell in love with the little rushes on top.

What do we need: – 2 or 3 fabric pieces (if you make the dress for 2 years you just have enough with 2 fabric pieces, but you will have to puzzle. If you make it for 3 years or bigger, you will need 3 fabric pieces.) – matching sewing thread – elastic band of 1,5 cm – 5 buttons – fusible interfacing – coup coup Olivia pattern by Catharine Deweerdt


These are just two of the cute disney fabric pieces. At https://www.veritas.be/be_nl or in the shops you can find the others.

My sister has just arrived with little Lilly and we are going to visit the hairdresser and maybe, just maybe, I will have the guts to get a hair cut. But I seriously doubt that, because I have a horror for hairdressers.

See you next time

With CharLots of Love



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