Checkers, Chess, Chessmate


Last week I told you I had to find another solution to make for the wedding we were invited to. Actually I wanted to make the “jewel dress” from La Maison Victor (see Flowers and dresses, two of my favourites), but as I couldn’t find a fabric to match it, I had to come with another idea…

I already wanted to make a new gilet for my boyfriend in a checkered fabric, so why not make a matching dress for me? I didn’t want to use exactly the same fabric, so for my dress I chose one where the checkers were a little bigger. Both fabrics I found at Pauli in Leuven.


I also needed a jacket to wear with it, otherwise it would be a little too cold. Which patterns did I use for them? Well, for Lenz’ his gilet I chose the “Felix gilet” from La Maison Victor edition 6/2015. I already made it before for him, so I knew it was a nice one. For my dress I chose the “Madeline dress” from La Maison Victor edition 5/2017. Can you already guess which one I used for the jacket? Well of course the same one as two posts ago, A new Fabulous Suit for me. It’s a pattern from the Burda Easy autumn/winter 2017. As the name of the magazine says, it’s a really easy pattern, but I still love it.

I wore a little collar with it and added some pins on it. Both you can find at your closest Veritas shop or at
The shoes I already had for a long time, but they matched the outfit perfectly. And of course I wore beautiful skin-colored tights with it. This one is the Elisa Tan from Insua by Veritas.

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I had a great time that night on the wedding, but I also had a great time making the outfit.


See you next week, I’ll show you some knitting projects I made.

with CharLots of Love ❤


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